Contact the proprietor.

I can be reached at stainles [at], or stainles [at] I also have an account.

My physical address is available upon application to those who establish a legitimate need to know.

My phone number is also available upon application. It is also listed in the phone book, and would probably not take a lot of effort for someone to track down. However, you should be aware that:

  1. I spend eight hours a day on the phone.
  2. I consider Alexander Graham Bell to be a meddling son-of-a-bitch who should have been shot by some public-spirited citizen before he perfected the telephone. (And, yes, I realize Bell had competitors who also could have perfected the device; I still say he should have been executed pour encourager les autres.)

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  1. […] links added. I’ll be happy to accept additional suggestions in comments or via email (see the Contact the proprietor […]

  2. Earl Cooley III says:

    This is just to say that I’m glad I found this site; it now graces my RSS aggregation list.

  3. stainles says:


    You didn’t know I was blogging? I didn’t tell you?

  4. Earl Cooley III says:

    I think the last time we discussed something in that area was back when I failed to convince you to database the SDC Logbook. It must have slipped by.

  5. Pat Cadigan says:

    I must have known that you were blogging but it probably took a while to sink in, or it fell out of my brain several times while I was negotiating the gazillion miles of bumpy road that is my life. Anyway: hiya, doll. Found ya. Always room for ya.

  6. stainles says:

    I’ve been suffering from a bad cold most of the week, Pat, so that really made my day. Thanks.

  7. […] The proprietor has an expansive definition of “personal friends” and “reasonable limits”. Basically, follow the Wheaton rule and you should be okay. If you have any questions, drop me an email. (The preferred addresses are on the “Contact the proprietor” page.) […]

  8. Laura K says:

    Hi Dwight,

    I wish I could remember what the email I sent you was about. Doubtless it was about something that really interested me in one of your posts. Anyhow, you’ve got my email so I’d like to know…

    PS Like your blog!

  9. Awesome blog about Earthquest. Here is an update:

    The Earthquest Institute is now defunct and its CEO (as Don Allen Holbrook LLC) is suing John and Jane Does who have dared to comment about this project and his involvement in it. He is also suing the Tribune, Cynthia Calvert, The Houston Press, Craig Malisow, The Pahrump Valley Times and me(Soapboxmom).

    Earthquest Adventures will be remembered for this frivolous, harassment suit filed by Holbrook in an effort to stifle public debate about this matter of public concern. Holbrook apparently thinks the taxpayers should have no say in how their tax dollars are spent.

    Please also watch for updates on the Earthquest Facebook page.

  10. Earthquest flounders still:

    Don Allen Holbrook has officially chickened out and has settle with Huber Heights, Ohio thus closing that joke of a case he filed against his legitimate critics. He is now hawking timeshares for Bluegreen resorts. That is one step above working as a used Pinto salesman. Hilarious!

  11. […] If any of my readers have experience with cycling apps like the ones I’ve mentioned (or others: I’m still running an Android phone, but iPhone users are welcome too) please feel free to leave a comment, or drop me an email if you’d prefer. Contact information is in the place where it says “Contact”. […]

  12. Pat Cadigan says:

    Found ya.

  13. stainles says:

    I’m tempted to ask, “Was I lost?”, but that question hits too close to home.

    I’m glad you found me.

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