Your loser update: week 3, 2014.

September 22nd, 2014

Running just a little behind: spent pretty much the entire day yesterday having fun with friends. Which I needed, but which was also not conducive to blogging.

Anyway, NFL teams that still have a chance to go 0-16:

Tampa Bay

So the two teams I picked are still in the 0-16 hunt. And I’m starting to think that this could be Tampa Bay’s year, again.

TMQ Watch: September 16, 2014.

September 18th, 2014

This week’s TMQ, after the jump…

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Tim Dog update.

September 16th, 2014

He’s apparently really most sincerely dead.


Your loser update: week 2, 2014.

September 16th, 2014

NFL teams that still have a chance to go 0-16:

Kansas City
New York Football Giants
New Orleans
Tampa Bay

Instead of actual content…

September 12th, 2014

…I give you a very silly quiz from the WP:

Is this a line from ‘The Great Gatsby’ or a New York Times profile of Lena Dunham?

I have never seen an episode of “Girls” (since I refuse to have cable). However, I still got a perfect score on the quiz. Which says something: either about my knowledge of Gatsby or about how silly this quiz actually is, I do not know.

Oh, what the heck, I’ll throw this one in, too:

I sent this to Lawrence with the suggestion that it might be worse than Bello De Soto’s website: Lawrence doesn’t think so, and I’m still trying to make up my mind.

There are so many things that push it towards legendary badness for me: the chicken walking around on the live Twitter feed (why?), the auto-play Chinese karaoke (ditto?), the spinning chat avatars, gratuitous abuse of the blink tag…

On the other hand, it hasn’t actually crashed any browser I’ve tried it on so far. On the gripping hand, it is an actually up and (apparently) functional website, as opposed to an archive of one…

Obit watch: September 11, 2014.

September 11th, 2014

Colonel Bernard F. Fisher (USAF – ret) passed away on August 16th, though his death does not appear to have been widely reported until today.

Col. Fisher (he was a major at the time) received the Medal of Honor for pulling off one of the greatest rescue missions in the history of the Vietnam War.

(I swear that I read this story in Reader’s Digest when I was a child, maybe as a “Drama In Real Life”.)

The paper of record does not seem to have deigned to note the passing of Richard “Jaws” Kiel, but the LATimes and the A/V Club have.

Edited to add: now the NYT gets around to it.

You want sad? I’ll give you sad.

September 10th, 2014

Very often the president would stride briskly out of the White House, with Tad at his side trying to keep up, and march four blocks down to 1207 New York Avenue, to Stuntz’s Fancy Store, a magical little toy shop. The owner, Joseph Stuntz, was a retired French soldier who carved wooden toy soldiers in a tiny back room. Sometimes Lincoln showed up alone at Stuntz’s and bought toy soldiers for Tad for Christmas. “I want to give him all the toys I did not have and all the toys I would have given the boy who went away,” Lincoln told the master toy maker.

The Last Lincolns, page 49 (paperback).

Inside the White House, workmen were making last minute repairs, preparing the executive mansion for the new president. In a second-floor bedroom they found something unexpected — the vast collection of Tad Lincoln’s toy soldiers. These were the beautiful, hand-carved figurines Abraham Lincoln had purchased for his son at Stuntz’s toy store. They were Tad’s favorite playthings, but he had left them behind, probably because he could not bear to see them again. He was no longer the president’s son. He was just Tad Lincoln.

–ibid., page 71

TMQ Watch: September 9, 2014.

September 10th, 2014

Might as well jump right into the first TMQ of the regular season

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Quote of the day

September 9th, 2014

Lincoln, Robert Todd, xi, 3, 4, 22, 210.
See also Jinxy McDeath;
Presidential Angel of Death

—index entry in Charles Lachman’s The Last Lincolns: The Rise & Fall of a Great American Family.


(I just started reading Lachman’s book yesterday. For some reason, I found Chapter 2, about Willie, Tad, and the president’s relationship with the boys, really hard to get through. You want sad? That’s a sad sundae with sad sauce and chopped sad sprinkled over it.)

Your loser update: week 1, 2014.

September 9th, 2014

Like Ebola or toenail fungus, we have returned for another year of the loser update.

Are there any teams that we think have a chance of going 0-16 this year? We haven’t given this a lot of thought, but off the top of our heads, maybe Oakland or Jacksonville?

In the meantime, NFL teams that actually still have a chance to go 0-16:

New England
San Diego
Kansas City
New York Football Giants
Green Bay
New Orleans
Tampa Bay
St. Louis

TMQ Watch: September 2, 2014.

September 5th, 2014

Yes, we know. We’re still a little behind. Our schedule was thrown off yesterday because we actually went “golfing”. (Technically, we went to a driving range. Yes, we know that seems odd; it was a corporate outing, and we were in it more to be social than to hit balls.)

Anyway, haiku after the jump….

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There’s all kinds of stupid.

September 3rd, 2014

Many of which I have written about here.

But forging a court order in an attempt to get content you don’t like removed is a whole new kind of stupid, even for sleazy telemarketers.

(Is “sleazy telemarketer” redundant?)