You’re going down in flames, you tax-fattened hyena! (#43 in a series)

Corrine Brown, the former Congresswoman from Florida about whom we have written previously, was sentenced yesterday.

Five years in federal prison.

Her lawyer, James Smith, said he planned to appeal the verdict and the sentencing. “The sentence was substantively unreasonable, and it was too harsh,” Mr. Smith said in an interview Monday evening. While sentencing guidelines called for a term of between more than seven years in prison up to nine years, Mr. Smith said that politicians convicted of similar crimes had received more lenient sentences.

“Other people got off easy, therefore my client should, too.” Good luck with that.

Brown’s longtime chief of staff, Ronnie Simmons, was sentenced to 48 months in prison, and the fake charity’s founder, One Door for Education President Carla Wiley, was sentenced to 21 months.

Mr. Simmons and Ms. Wiley also testified against Ms. Brown.

[U.S. District Judge Timothy] Corrigan criticized as “beyond the pale” some of the remarks Brown made to the media during the run up to her trial, “especially her reprehensible statement implying that the FBI might have been able to prevent the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando if it wasn’t preoccupied with investigating her.”

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