Your loser update: week 13, 2017.

NFL teams that still have a chance to go 0-16:


I said last week that this was the game I was most worried about. As much as I hate the Chargers (and I do hate the Chargers) I’m glad they pulled out the win here.

The final four games are:
Packers in Cleveland.
Ravens in Cleveland.
Bears in Chicago.
Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Of those, I figure the Steelers and Ravens are near locks. The Packers: who knows? It looks like Rodgers won’t be playing until the week after this one, but they are 6-6 and beat Tampa Bay (granted, in overtime).

And the Bears are…bad. They just lost to San Francisco, for crying out loud (granted it was a close loss). But they will be playing at home.

Speaking of bad teams, San Francisco won…and the New York Football Giants lost, putting both teams at 2-10 and in line for second worst record this season (and the draft pick that comes with it). However, Indianapolis, Denver, and Chicago are all within striking distance.

And we may have a firing later today. Watch this space for updates.

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  1. The Giants have to fire McAdoo. For his own safety

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