Your loser update: week 10, 2017.

NFL teams that still have a chance to go 0-16:


I’m somewhat conflicted over this.

On the one hand, I’m disappointed that we don’t have two teams contending for the Owen-16 trophy.

On the other hand, I still think the Browns have a good chance of losing out. (The next game that I think they’re in real danger of winning is December 3rd against the Chargers.)

On the gripping hand, we could have a situation where there are three 1-15 teams contending for high first round draft picks: the New York Football Giants, the 49ers, and the Browns. I’m not sure how the NFL determines precedence in this situation, but friend of the blog Infidel should be happy that there’s at least a chance…

2 Responses to “Your loser update: week 10, 2017.”

  1. I have COMPLETE confidence in the Giant GM. Even if we go 1-15 he’ll probably pick someone destined to be one of the worst first round choices ever.