Small update.

More from the WP on “Fat Leonard”:

Officers from the Blue Ridge consumed or pocketed about $1 million in gourmet meals, liquor, cash, vacations, airline tickets, tailored suits, Cuban cigars, luxury watches, cases of beef, designer handbags, antique furniture and concert tickets — and reveled in the attention of an armada of prostitutes, records show.

Things I wish I hadn’t read, after the jump (so you can skip it)…

During a port visit in February 2007, he threw a sex party involving multiple prostitutes, Newland and other officers at the five-star Manila Hotel, where Gen. Douglas MacArthur lived when he served as military adviser to the government of the Philippines in the late 1930s, according to the indictment. During the party, “historical memorabilia” related to MacArthur were used in sexual acts, the indictment states.

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