Who would have thunk…

…that giving a young woman a ride on your hog would get you fired?

Seriously, I don’t have a problem with Arkansas firing Bobby Petrino. It just comes as a surprise. I read FARK’s thread yesterday and the consensus was that he might get a short suspension, perhaps a fine, but the university wasn’t going to fire him.

Yeah, I know, FARK, hardly experts. But the consensus was that Petrino was rebuilding the program, and that was too important to the university. Thinking about it some more, I’m glad to see FARK was wrong, and the weasel is gone.

Edited to add: In all the discussion of this, I haven’t seen any coverage of the most important point: how bad was the damage to Petrino’s Harley Davidson Road King?

One Response to “Who would have thunk…”

  1. The SI writer made the point that when Petrino hired his mistress over other candidates, he basically made himself too expensive a liability to keep due to possible lawsuits.