Burn it to the ground and start over. (Part 3)

For at least six years, the police officers in charge of testing the 20 breathalizyers used by the [San Francisco] Police Department did not carry out any tests on the equipment.

It is possible, according to the linked article, that thousands of drunk driving convictions may be thrown out because the equipment wasn’t properly tested. I wonder if those people are going to get retroactive refunds on their auto insurance premiums?

How and why did this happen?

[District Attorney George] Gascon said there did not appear to be any malicious intent behind the police officers’ actions. He said the coordinators were apparently just too lazy to perform the test required every 10 days.

“just too lazy”.

You may remember, about a year ago, the SFPD had problems with undercover officers lying on reports (among other things), and had to drop charges in dozens of drug arrests. If you don’t, the link above should serve as a reminder.

(Hattip: Insta.)

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