The most wonderful time of the year.

That would be the time I get to use my “On a stick” category.

Lots of things have snuck up on me in the past few weeks (wow, almost March already?), including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

And with the rodeo comes rodeo food. The HouChron has a (warning! Slideshow!) 84 slide slideshow of food offerings (warning! Slideshow!) starting with the Rodeo Rib.

The rib is an actual cow’s rib, clean as a whistle, not a speck of meat left on it. Then Palmieri sticks a whole chuck steak, with the gristle and fat removed, on the end. As the meat cooks, it shrinks and adheres tightly to the bone, so you have to tear the meat away with your teeth.

There seems to be a fair (ha!) amount of overlap from last year. I don’t remember fried frog legs or fried beef jerky, but the chocolate covered pickle rings a bell (and I still believe the inventors of that should be tarred and feathered). Same applies to the inventors of Bum’s Blue Ribbon Pulled Pork Sundae (back again, I see).

“Nachos made from hand-cooked potato chips.” Uh, isn’t that kind of subverting the very definition of nachos?

There’s some good stuff in the slideshow, too. Now I’m craving a barbecue stuffed baked potato for dinner.

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