TMQ watch: December 27, 2011.

We might as well get down to it. This week: the 2011 TMQ All-Unwanted All-Pros. After the jump…

Fred Jackson, Buffalo. Kris Dielman, San Diego. Doug Baldwin, Seattle. 488 words you can skip.

“Stats of the Week No. 6: Since clinching its first-ever postseason berth, Houston has not won a game.” Heh. Heh. Heh. We would like to take this opportunity to note that our debt to Lawrence is paid.

TMQ’s had a not terrific streak recently, but Karissa breaks it.

Sweet and sour: Oakland – Kansas City (didn’t count), Cleveland – Baltimore, Jets – Giants.

Would you believe that Ndamukong Suh gave $2.6 million to charity last year? Would you believe someone keeps a list? We have to admit: we’re pretty impressed by some of the people who made that list, like the Kellermans. And Victoria Principal must be doing well.

Something something Cardinals – Bengals. How exactly did the Colts win that game, again? “[Interim Miami coach Todd] Bowles made the decision that was good for his career rather than the one that was good for his team.”

“In their six wins, the Bills are plus-13 for turnovers; in their nine losses, minus-9.” Of course, TMQ doesn’t mention that he picked the Bills to go 2-14 this season. The Bears lost their self-respect, and the game with the Packers. Oh, that’s how the Colts won the game: three stupid penalties on the Colts final possession of the game. Creep.

We’re not sure if we should be happy or bored that TMQ’s decided to go after “Terra Nova” again. 1,600 words bashing a stupid FOX television show, Gregg? “Have you ever observed anyone wearing fingerless gloves, other than Bob Cratchit?” Actually, no, Gregg, but we can sort of see the point if you’re manipulating something like an iPad or iPhone. Here in Texas, of course, we rarely see people wearing gloves to begin with. (And we are aware that there are special gloves designed for iPad/iPhone/touch screen work; indeed, someone very close to WCD got a pair of those for Christmas.)

Wacky disclaimer: the holder agrees to comply with all applicable laws.

We’re not going to dissect TMQ’s 2011 All-Unwanted All-Pros, as this is basically just a list, and there’s little to no benefit in dissecting a list. “TMQ thinks Pro Bowl voting should not close until the season ends, but this is not exactly the first topic on which TMQ views have not swept the nation.” You don’t say.

Speaking of topics on which TMQ views have not swept the nation, once again, TMQ bangs the “don’t give money to Ivy League schools” drum. Once again, we’ll point out that TMQ may have a point, but there are reasons why people give money to those schools. And his complaints about giving money to Cornell seem churlish to us, but perhaps that’s because we like the idea of a science and technology graduate school on Roosevelt Island.

Geaux Saints. There’s a very nice letter from a reader in London pointing out that college sports most certainly are a big deal in the UK, and another nice letter pointing out that two million people watch the Oxford-Cambridge rowing contest in person every year. (The contest is televised? We wonder where we can find live coverage. Perhaps on ESPN 8, “The Ocho”?)

Pardon us, Gregg, but what’s wacky about pre-mixed eggnog? Indeed, someone close to WCD bought a bottle of pre-mixed for the holidays this year, and seems to have enjoyed it. (We, alas, did not have a chance to sample any. Not because it wasn’t offered, it was just an oversight on our part.)

What should the Redskins be called? And what should Mike Shanahan be called?

The obscure college watch really ended with the division championships last week, but TMQ can’t resist the chance to pull another few hundred words out of his AutoText.

Tune in next week, when TMQ asks “Should Tuesday Morning Quarterback have a disclaimer?” Our answer is “Yes”, and we even have one we can recommend to TMQ (since he’s used it before, in another context): “Warning. Contains football-like substance.”

4 Responses to “TMQ watch: December 27, 2011.”

  1. Glen says:

    I don’t follow TMQ, but I do follow your bets with Lawrence. You really need to pick better bets, or get him to give you better odds so that when you do win, on that rare occasion, it will make up for it.

  2. stainles says:

    The $5 bets on the Cubs and Gonzaga are, at this point, done as more of a running joke than serious wagers. I easily get more than $5 worth of entertainment out of those bets.

    And one of these years, I’ll actually win one. I really believe the Cubs are due. (So, for that matter, are the Washington Generals.)

    As for the Houston bet, you may have a point there; I just didn’t think I could go wrong betting against a Houston football team.

  3. Actually, I did give Dwight better odds on the Texans bet. When I originally asked him the Texans odds of making the playoffs after the Wade Phillips hiring, he said “1000 to 1.” I let him reduce this to a much saner 5-1.

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