TMQ watch.

I see a decent amount of traffic in the stats from people looking at old TMQ Watch entries. I'm glad for any traffic, but I wonder if they're actually coming here because they Googled something, or if they're looking for updates on the status of TMQ?

No matter what, there is a TMQ status update. Of a sort. According to Gregg Easterbrook's Twitter, "TMQ relaunch 8-22-17 details soon."

As soon as I get details, I'll post an update. Will I be doing TMQ Watch if TMQ comes back? As always, it depends on where Easterbrook ends up: there are certain sites that shall remain nameless that I won't follow him to. No matter what, I do plan to post at least one update.

Edited to add:

August 21 will be a total eclipse of the sun as the gods wax wroth.

How do you wax your wroth? My family was a big fan of Turtle Wax and Simomiz.

Also, given that solar eclipses are perfectly understandable astronomical phenomena, and have been for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, why is Gregg Easterbrook claiming they are a sign of the gods waxing wroth?

Edited to add 8/11: Easterbrook's Twitter now promises the big reveal for August 15th. I feel the anticipation rising…

Oh, wait. That was just gas from the tacos at Maria's Taco Express. Sorry.

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