Missing the boat here.

More than any other skill, glass blowing has allowed Tacoma, Wash., to emerge from Seattle’s shadow. Carve out a couple of hours from a leisurely weekend of museum-hopping, shopping and sightseeing, and you’ll take home something more tangible than the usual vacation leftovers of memories and a sunburn.

How can you write a travel article about Tacoma and not mention the Silver Cloud Inn and its luxurious Crazy Apple Rumors suite? For crying out loud, the Silver Cloud Inn is right on the waterfront! Instead, the LAT recommends staying at some hipster hotel with a “stunning glass collection”.

And what does the paper recommend you eat? Tacos. Vuelve a la Vida may be great, but I live in Austin; if I’m going to Tacoma, I’m going to get away from tacos.

(I’m still hoping to get up to Tacoma one of these days, before John Moltz becomes the famous Internet personality he deserves to be and starts spending all of his time cavorting with SI swimsuit models and professional drifers.)

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