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Putting the touch on you once again.

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Friend of the blog South Texas Pistolero had a kitchen fire yesterday.

Nobody was hurt, and the family has a roof over their heads. But they’ve lost a lot of stuff, mostly clothes.

The great and good Erin Palette is taking point on this and has set up a YouCaring page for money donations. If you’re tight on money but long on spare stuff, Erin’s page also has a list of some specific needs.

When I get paid this week, I plan to kick some money into the kitty. Y’all know I wouldn’t ask you to donate if I wasn’t doing it myself.

I know I don’t get the readership of Erin or Borepatch or Tam, but if people could spread this widely, that would be appreciated at well. I still haven’t met up with STP (one of these days…) but we’ve exchanged blog posts and the occasional email. He and his family are good people who have been having a run of bad luck.

Please donate if you can. If you can’t, publicize.