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Obit watch: May 12, 2017.

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Stan Weston passed away May 1st.

In a letter to Mr. Levine that confirmed his ideas, Mr. Weston said that a “complete military package” could be developed around “rugged-looking scale dolls for boys complete with military wardrobes to scale, military headgear to scale, military weapons to scale,” and armed service insignia, combat medals, sharpshooting awards and flags of the United States and the world.

That became G.I. Joe. The good original one, not the lame “Cobra Commander” bushwa.

I was a big G.I. Joe fan when I was a kid (though Hasbro never quite got the “Kung-Fu Grip” right). I think I still have a couple of retro Joes (Tuskegee Airman and Marine Scout Sniper) around the apartment. I’ll have to look for those…