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Obit watch: May 4, 2017.

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Tony Alamo, crazy cult leader.

At its height, his ministry claimed thousands of members nationwide, drawn to Mr. Alamo’s virulent anti-Catholicism and apocalyptic speech, in which he claimed that God had authorized polygamy, professed that homosexuals were the tools of Satan, and believed that girls were fit for marriage. “Consent is puberty,” he told The Associated Press in 2008.

He was convicted of tax evasion in the 90s and did four years for that. Then, in 2009, he was convicted of sexually abusing young girls (eight year olds, dude) and sentenced to 175 years in prison.

Former followers said Mr. Alamo had grown unhinged after his wife, Susan, died of cancer in 1982. Her body had been kept in a room at the northwest Arkansas compound, and his followers kept a vigil, praying for months for a resurrection. The body was eventually placed in a concrete crypt.

And that’s not even the weird part.